Find the Record of Your Soulís Journey

What if you could go to a place that contained a record of your soulís journey? Many mystics and healers have developed ways to go to such a place, and refer to the ďAkashic RecordsĒ as the place where one can retrieve all information from the past and future. It is associated with the crown chakra, because the crown is the doorway to the superconscious mind, the collective higher intelligence.

Healers use Akasha to dissolve old patterns and create new ones. They enter Akasha to get information and to find the original causes of disease or destructive patterns. In some systems Akasha is referred to as ďether.Ē The author considers Akasha the fifth element.
What can Akasha mean for your life?

The Nature of Akasha
It is considered a universal intelligence, the matrix that the other elements come from.

The Symbol of Akasha
A purple-black egg flecked with gold or indigo, vesica piscus.

The Chakra of Akasha
The seventh, crown.

Characteristics of Akasha
Informative, beyond space and time, wisdom and knowledge, etheric flux,
out of body and visionary experience, transmutation, universal solvent.

* When Akasha is balanced in a person, he or she will be in touch with the High Self, capable of retrieving information from the past and future, able to communicate beyond three dimensions, willing to serve and help others, able to travel out of the body, able to heal through time.

* Excess of Akasha leaves a person disoriented.

* Lack of Akasha leaves a person self-centered, having a narrow point of view.

* Problems with Akasha lead to escapism, living in a dreamworld, incapable of recognizing the fullness of being, religious fervor, spiritual arrogance.

Akasha is like a computer hard drive upon which all past, present, and even potential future events are recorded. The Akashic Record, cosmic in proportion, records and informs our soulís journey. On a personal level, it indicates the direction of our individual lives and what brought us to where we are in any given moment.

Editorís Note: Healing in the Akashic Records can be a very powerful healing tool, but it is essential that you work with a trained energy healer for such work.

Adapted from Alchemical Healing, by Nicki Scully (Inner Traditions, 2003). Copyright (c) 2003 by Nicki Scully. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Alchemical Healing, by Nicki Scully (Inner Traditions, 2003).


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