Recycled Lanterns for Summer Nights

It’s summertime! We’re talking mid-summer! The nights are short, but they’re hot. It’s the perfect time to light up a casual gathering with DIY recycled lanterns.

There are a few guidelines for making successful DIY lanterns from upcycled materials. First, the materials need to be fire-safe. They also need to be stable, so that the lanterns do not turn over easily.

So many old things can be given new life as candle holders, especially as DIY tealight holders. Just make them sturdy for the outdoors, and set them down on something fire resistant.

elin b./flickr creative commons

These are so cute! Decorate an empty can with patterned paper and Mod Podge.

Cottage in the Oaks/

An antique jar makes a perfect, casual outdoor candle holder.

Valerie Scott/

An intrepid crafter and blogger created this upcycled candle chandelier. Let me be honest: It’s a really cute idea, but I’d definitely use flameless candles in something that hangs so close to foliage.

By Chaya Kurtz, Networx

Main image credit: maureen lunn via Flickr


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These are really neat. There is a place near to me that sells things like this for those not inclined to make their own :P

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Like the Xmas light idea, soft lighting, little cost, no flames.