Flower Essences Reduce Stress from Electromagnetic Fields

The next time overhead fluorescent lights irritate you, try taking a flower remedy to clam yourself. Research has documented that taking two flower essence formulas can reduce yout system’s reaction to the intense environmental stimulation produced by fluorescent lights and their accompanying electromagnetic fields.

California researcher Jeffrey R. Cram, Ph.D., studied the benefits of using yarrow Special Formula and Five-Flower Formula, two brand-name mixtures of different flower essences to reduce systemic EMF stress. A flower essence is a highly dilute infusion of flower blossoms taken as liquid drops, and available at most natural food stores.

Dr. Cram monitored the brain waves and their changes in 24 subjects who took one or the other remedy in response to fluorescent light exposure. “The two flower essences were found to reduce physiological activation and stress on the human organism,” concluded Dr. Cram. He theorized that these flower essences were able to “strengthen emotional equilibrium and equanimity in the face of stresses and environmental impacts, thus reducing the typical ‘fight or flight’ stress response” In other words, the flower essence formulas were able to address the person’s physiological and emotional reaction to the stress of the electromagnetic fields of the lights.”

Adapted from The Healthy Living Space, by Richard Leviton (Hampton Roads Publishing Company, 2001). Copyright(c) 2001 by Richard Leviton. Reprinted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing.
Adapted from The Healthy Living Space, by Richard Leviton (Hampton Roads Publishing Company, 2001).


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There is also the flower essence but the Australian Bush Flower people called Mulla Mulla which is specifically for radiation protection, it even works to prevent burns in chemo.

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