Remembering Who We Are

Where did I come from? And the answer to that is: I did not come from anywhere, because I was always here. The body comes and goes, but “I” am always here. Where I come from is a place that has no beginning in time and no ending. Where I go is the same place. As we have seen, there are no particular locations in space or time. In a non-local universe, there is nowhere to go!

And what happens to me when I die? The answer: Nothing happens, because I do not die. Pure consciousness cannot be destroyed; it can only be expressed. Knowing this frees us from the fear of death because nothing in the universe is ever lost; it is only transformed. If you and I are speaking on the phone, and somebody cuts off the phone lines, what happens to us? Where do we go? Nothing happens to us, and we don’t go anywhere. So, too, when physical death occurs, nothing happens to us. Certain lines of communication that use a certain nervous system have temporarily been disrupted. But we are still here. The soul doesn’t go anywhere; it’s the body that dissolves and returns to the earth.

Then where is the soul? One of the biggest misconceptions is that the soul resides in the body. People may say, “This person died, and the soul has left,” but it’s not true. The soul is not inside the body. The soul projects itself as the body and the mind. It finds a location in space-time, and broadcasts or telecasts itself through the body. But just as the characteristics in a movie are not inside my television set when I’m watching it, and Beethoven is not inside my radio when I’m listening to it, my soul is not inside by body. My soul is merely localizing or expressing itself through my body.

Adapted from Power, Freedom, and Grace by Deepak Chopra (Amber Allen, 2006).


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We've got to accept ourselves

Duane B.
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Thank you for sharing.

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Good article, thanks for it

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interesting to contemplate

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Thanks for a great article,

ANITA B.3 years ago

Ron, believe as you will. The American Indian (who had no formal training in "God") believed in the Great Spirit without a book telling him how to live. He "felt" in his heart and "soul" what we seem to need to be conditioned to believe. Native Americans also believed in reincarnation and "other worlds". The great chief Seattle who gave one of the most famous speeches ever spoken was saddened by what the white people had done to his people and his believes. It was Christians like you who pushed them on to lands that they could not hunt or farm on and made them walk for many miles, sick and dying. The only comfort they had, as Seattle said was that "there were other worlds." Yes, there is life after this one and yes there are old souls who return here to learn. So sad that you are so small minded. I'll believe in what our Native Americans said before I believe a book written by a bunch Jewish men of the time, whose words were no doubt twisted and embellished to downgrade women and make people fear what they don't understand.

Ron Grubner
Ron Grubner3 years ago

Anita B....Do you realise that reincarnation is a religion? A religion is a man made belief on which he/she basis his/her life.That is the huge difference between religion and Christianity for Christianity is from God and a WAY of life.
This forum is about remembering who we are...a subject right where Christianity belongs.It is a diversion from the truth to believe in any religion which blinds us from the truth God tells us.And God yes...we can surely be assured that there is only ONE physical existence ever after which eternity in the spiritual form exists...either in Heaven or hell.Our earthly life is for the reason to give us the choice to choose Christ or Satan. Other than that,there is no reason for us to exist at all and reincarnation is a LIE !

Ana R

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