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Sex Offender Gets Up to 44 Years in Prison for Stabbing Police Dog

Early last year, I wrote about the fatal stabbing of an 8-year-old beloved Police Dog, Rocco. John L. Rush, a convicted sex offender,  stabbed Rocco during an attempted arrest by the police. He also i…


Best Fruits and Vegetables for Cats

Fat cats are no joke, and we know responsible pet owners like you are doing all you can to help keep your cat as healthy as she can be. If you're thinking of adding fruits and vegetables to your cat's…


Craigslist, Help Stop Animal Abuse!

I cringed when I saw this ad recently on Craigslist: "Selling my black and white Siberian Husky. He is outgoing, energetic, and has a great personality, he is also neutered. Unfortunately I am moving…


Shelter Puts Dog Up for Adoption While Family is Overseas

Long Island Animal Shelter has a very strict rule about their adoptions. The owner needs to go to the shelter with a photo ID, proof of ownership, veterinary records, and family photos. That makes sen…


What You Need to Know About Dog Parks

Dog parks are springing up almost everywhere these days. They’re great for letting your dog socialize and exercise. After a busy day at a dog park, most dogs will be so mentally and physically exhaust…


Never Feed Your Cat These 6 Human Foods

Although it can be aggravating to an owner, the fact that cats are often branded finicky could be a good thing, especially when it comes to certain dangerous foods. Some "people food" is safe for c…


Barking Dog May Cost Owner Her House

North Seattle resident Denise Norton has a dog that barks. So her neighbor sued. Norton did not take her neighbor's legal threats seriously and ignored what she saw as a frivolous lawsuit. That was un…


10 Best States to be an Animal

Recently, the Humane Society of the United States released its findings for the most animal-friendly states. The organization has been gathering and releasing this data for the past six years. The fin…


Sweet Puppy Rescued From Dumpster

On Saturday morning, a man called 911 in Muncie, Indiana, to report he’d found a puppy in a dumpster behind a business and couldn’t manage to get him out. Police and staff from the local animal shelte…


NY’s Styrofoam Ban Will Remove Nearly 30,000 Tons of Trash

New York city is scheduled to ban food establishments from using plastic foam containers starting this summer. The country’s largest city follows San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Oregon in prohibi…


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