Save Wild Salmon (video)

Food Fight: Did you know wild salmon is in danger of genetic modification and serious threats to its habitat?

  • Genetic modification is pending approval in the FDA.
  • A copper mine is being proposed at the head of Bristol Bay that could cause irreparable damage to the 40 million fish that spawn in its waters.

Next year, developers plan to apply for permits for the construction of America’s largest open pit copper and gold mine, in the heart of Alaska’s most valuable salmon runs. It’s not too late for us to stop them if we act now. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently considering requests from stakeholders to use its power under the Clean Water Act to protect Bristol Bay. FRESH, Parent Earth and Trout Unlimited are combining grassroots forces to take action and I hope you’ll join us!

Your Action Can Make A World of Difference. Sign the Petitions on the Fresh website and on Care2. Start the Ripple Effect Today.

Pebble Mine would cover 20 square miles in the Bristol Bay watershed, and require the construction of the world’s largest earthen dam for a 10 square mile waste containment pond. Up to 10 billion tons of toxic mine wastes could be produced. Any release of these wastes could cause irreparable damage to the Bristol Bay salmon runs.

Even worse: while our wild salmon are under threat, genetically-modified salmon may be introduced to the market any day. We’ve brought you exclusive footage with Paul Greenberg, best-selling author of Four Fish. Check it out below! He explains why hybrid Frankensalmon has no place on our tables, especially when we have an abundant, healthy alternative.

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norma s.
norma s.4 years ago

Incomprehensible that in this day and age, the "brains" of our societies propose such senseless, dangerous, and disrespectful ideas. The brains of these people would be better employed teaching the human race that it does not need first class protein 3 times a day, and that something needs to be done about the human population explosion.

Debbie L.
Debbie Lim4 years ago

This mine can cause too many problems: water pollution, which will destroy the salmons' habitat, and risk more GMO salmons to be released into the market... We MUST prevent it while we still can!

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener4 years ago

Signed petitions.

Laure H.
Laure H.4 years ago

The Bristol Bay watershed is irreplaceable - the environment there, the community there that depends on eco-tourism and fishing....none of their mining techniques are in any way guaranteed to protect these irreplaceable assets.

This open mine should NOT HAPPEN.

KrassiAWAY B.
Krasimira B.4 years ago

Sad. Both petitions signed.

Klarissa B.
Klarissa B.4 years ago

thanks : )

Tolga U.
Tolga U.4 years ago

salmon's are very cool creatures. they deserve big respect. very tough life.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal4 years ago

So much for health and well being....

Jane H.
Jane H.4 years ago

Oh, gooly.....I hate to hear this. Petition signed....we can only hope, now.

karin m.
Karin M.4 years ago