Simple & Unique Halloween Decorations to Make at Home

With Halloween around the corner, here is a round-up of last minute decor ideas from the editors of Remodelista. Each one is simple (and surprisingly chic).

Above: Grouping black candles in white candle holders creates a surprisingly appealing and slightly spooky effect; seen via HK Living in Denmark.


Above: As seen on, Red Headed Frog, these gothic paper roses are made from newspaper and spray-painted black. For other goth-inspired arrangements, visit Accessories: Ghoulish Decor

Above: This lamp frame is adorned with black feathers, as seen on Annaleena’s Hem. To see more of her kitchen, visit House Call: Annaleena’s Swedish Kitchen.

Above: A mix of spray-painted roses and fresh blooms adds a moody ambiance. For more ideas, visit DIY Black Floral Arrangements.

Visit Remodelista‘s Room Gallery for more ideas on decorating your home for Halloween.


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