Simple Holiday Decor with Dried Foliage

As the holiday season looms, here are four easy ways to decorate in a seasonally appropriate way: using dried foliage. Each of these spaces make use of leaves and branches for arrangements that can work year-round.

Above: Australian-based artist Tiel Seivl-Keever’s collection of local foliage, from The Design Files.

Above: Dried ferns and flora taped to the wall create an instant decorative tableau, via Pia Jane Bijkerk.

Above: Branches of dried leaves hang in the hallway of Pensao Favorita. To see more of this space, go to Our Favorite Hotel in Porto.

Above: A bough suspended above the dining room at the Lloyd Hotel. Visit Hotels, Lodging & Restaurants: Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam to see more.

For more ideas on green holiday decorating, visit Remodelista‘s posts 5 Quick Fixes: Pine Branch Decor and 5 Quick Fixes: Holiday Entertaining Prep.


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