Slow Design: Recycled Water Carafe

A few years ago, Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley (an industry leader in using sustainably grown foods) started serving filtered tap water and house-aerated sparkling water in lieu of bottled water. Make Alice Waters proud and use re-purposed clear wine bottles (soak off the label first) as water carafes; just fill with cold water from your Brita.

A few more ideas for simple, stylish carafes:

The Beaker Glass Pitcher from CB2 is budget-priced and also works well as a vase.

The design of Royal VKB`s French Carafe Set is inspired by the famous French Picardie glassware and is designed to allow the glasses to stack neatly in the neck for easy carrying to the outdoor table. The carafe and four glasses come together.

For prices and other carafe ideas see 10 Easy Pieces: Water Carafes at Remodelista.


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Geraldine Dutka5 years ago

Bottled water tastes no better than tap water and is a wasteful exercise with the environment suffering the cost. Unfortunately when travelling overseas it is sometimes a must, to avoid gastric upset, but otherwise I drink filtered water in my re-usable stainless steel drink container purchased from the Animal Rescue Site. One of the best investments anyone can make is a good water filter to get rid of the chlorine & fluoride etc., more chemicals we have been forced to ingest.

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