Song Makes Dog Sad (Video)


Buck shows his sensitive side when he hears this somber tune!

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Frances Darcy
Frances Darcy2 years ago

Poor was rather bluesy music.

.2 years ago

he has definitly got the mean reds,thank you for sharing

Jutta N.
Past Member 3 years ago

Maybe some noises teased his ears.

Lynn C.
Lynn C.3 years ago

He was going right up the scale with the music...what an ear!

Susan Salo
Susan S.3 years ago

I have a feeling it hurts his ears because at times, it's high-pitched.

Pinke A.
Pinke A.3 years ago

Oh poor babe!!Maybe the it did feel bad in his ears!!But that was so,so sad blues,it would make anyone sad!

Chris C.
Chris C.3 years ago

He is just singin' the blues, along with the trumpet!

Mary Beth M.
MaryBeth M.3 years ago

What a sweet guy! I don't think the song makes him sad, I think he just wants to sing along! I had a dog long ago who used to sing with me or when I played my violin. At first, we thought the sound bothered her ears, but as Samanta Z. noted, our dog would follow me around in order to sing along! Very endearing.

Marianne B.
marianne B.3 years ago

I am sad too, Buck.

Vanessa Wolfe
Vanessa Wolfe3 years ago

What a beautiful boy and he can carry a note.