Spring Cleaning How-To

The best explanation I have heard for what spring cleaning is, and why, is that it is a custom left over from times before electricity, when everything in peoples’ houses was covered with soot from candles, fireplaces, kerosene, and lamp oils used for heat and light during the winter. By the spring, every inch of the home had to be cleaned to rid it of the layer of soot.

Even in these days of relatively clean heating and lighting, it feels so liberating to get rid of accumulated winter grime. After all, there is nothing like the sun streaming in the windows to show all the winter dust, when the days get longer in the spring. Like many of us, I like to do a good spring clean, soot or no. Here are a few easy tips for safe, energizing spring cleaning.

Cleaning without toxic chemicals is a wonderful way to turn your home into a healthy and healing place to be. I’ve archived a number of non-toxic cleaning basics and strategies on the Green Living channels at Care2.com. Here are three links that will give you the basics to clean your house from top to bottom.

By Annie B. Bond


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