Steal This Look: Outdoor Shower

We love this perfectly simple outdoor shower by New York architects Murdock Young. Recreate the look with the following hardware elements (and a good builder).

Above L: Sugatsune 4lc Series Handle, approximately five inches long; $16.15 at Home Decor Hardware. Above R: Aluminum Fence Gravity Latch; $8.70 at Home Depot.

Above: Double-pronged aluminum coat hook, H 5.25 inches; $31.32 at CSN Stores.

Above: The Industrial Exposed Shower with galvanized riser is $217.35 at Every Faucet.

For more ideas on wall-mounted showers that can be used inside or out, visit Remodelista’s post, 10 Easy Pieces: Exposed Wall-Mounted Showers.


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Thanks for the article.

Ida J.
Ida J5 years ago

It would be nice to have a outdoor shower

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Noted with thanks.

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So cool! I want an outside shower!

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I would love an outdoor shower!

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I have to agree with Ameer T.
Plus, it's just not safe to be getting naked outdoors. This is a crazy world we live in.