How to Suppress Your Hunger

Sometimes we get cravings for food that are more emotional than physical: we know we donít really need that packet of chips or that second helping of pie, but our inner hunger just gets the better of us.

This ancient Chinese technique has worked for centuries to help people resist the urge to overeat. Find out how to do it, here:

1. Bring your tongue to the inside of your upper teeth and breathe over your tongue. Start by inhaling and holding your breath for 9 seconds.

2. Now exhale for 9 seconds through your nose.

3. Inhale, breathing over your tongue and hold your breath for 9 seconds.

4. Continue breathing in this way until the hunger disappears.

Adapted from Beauty Feng Shui, by Chao-Hsiu Chen (Inner Traditions, 2000). Copyright (c) 2000 by Chao-Hsui Chen. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditons.
Adapted from Beauty Feng Shui, by Chao-Hsiu Chen (Inner Traditions, 2000).


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Will this really work?! Would love to give this a try!

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I think when we think we are hungry, we may be just thirsty, Try a glass of water. A cup of green tea. Add lemon if you like. Take a short walk. Trick your mind or distract it, before that unhealthy snack.

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