Surprising Risk Factors for Depression

Anyone can be diagnosed with depression, but what risk factors make a person more susceptible? Depression and other mental disorders can indeed be inherited (thanks, heredity!), but environmental factors may play a role, too.

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Decobecq Brigitte


Do not forget that many, many drugs that doctors or psychiatrists use to solve the problem of drepression are the causes of depressions.
Let's have a look of sides effects of many drugs and you could see that they are causing depressions.
In the field of mental illnesses, there are many lies, and the "big pharma" really want to make some profit.
Marketing of "depression" is real.
Be aware of this.

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad3 years ago

I truly believe that in the world to which we live in there are more and more reported cases of depression as we see what is taking place around us. i.e. the economy and the American dream faltering. But more importantly the fact that so many have lost their faith in God as they mistakenly think that if God really cared, then how could he allow for all this to happen...Encouraging fact: God is not at fault! Mankind is and when one loses their faith in our Creator, then all there is, is a black hole and the painful question that is always follows and that is the horrifying thought that is this all there is? No, it's not! This country alongside the rest of the world is living in a grave yard of dried up bones who's souls have been severely damaged simply because they have lost their faith!

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