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What Animals Are in Your Cosmetics?

What ingredients are in your makeup/cosmetic products? Chicken feet, ground up horns and hooves, chicken combs, cow dung, beetles, fish scales and animal placentas are all common ingredients used i…


A Graphic Behind-the-Scenes Look at Food Production

SAMSARA food sequence from Baraka & Samsara on Vimeo. While the nonverbal film "Samsara" is a visual masterpiece, combining footage from over five years and 25 countries, some parts of the …


Rescuing a Dog From a Hot Car is Now Legal in Tennessee

An extension to Tennessee’s “Good Samaritan law,” which makes it legal to break into a hot car to save a child, now makes it legal to do the same for animals. According to Time Magazine, there are now…


Ringling Brothers Finally Free Elephants from Abusive Circus Acts

No more elephants in chains. No more sharp bullhooks to coax them to perform tricks. That’s been the battle cry of animal rights groups across the country. And after years of pressure from such groups…


Make Abusers Pay to Care for the Animals They Mistreat, Says Care2 Petition Author

Who pays to shelter animals that have been rescued from abusers and get placed in animal shelters? In New Hampshire, animal shelters have to shoulder the costs of caring for animals that end up in …


5 Better Things to Do Than Go to the Circus

Many people have fond memories of attending the circus with their families as children. With the performances, lights and ability to see animals up close, the circus can be an exciting thing for child…


Canada Needs to Do a Better Job Protecting Animals, Says Care2 Petition Author

Would you be surprised to learn that Canada does a worse job protecting animals than Brazil, India and the Philippines? Care2 member Janelle Martel was. That's why she's started a petition urging peop…


Birch Box Still Refuses to Be Cruelty-Free: Petition Update

Earlier this year, Care2 member Jess Barnett launched a petition drive on Care2 to encourage Birchbox, the online cosmetics company, to only do business with suppliers whose products are verifiably cr…


US Senator Involved in the Killing of Hundreds of Pigeons

A Republican US Senator has been caught on tape in an undercover investigation helping to kill hundreds of pigeons. --->Sign the petition to Bring this Senator to Justice for Cruel Pigeon Shoot.…


Will Butterball’s Thanksgiving Turkeys REALLY Be Humane?

Giant turkey producer Butterball (they produce one billion pounds of turkey every year) is going humane -- or so they say. By this Thanksgiving, all of its products will bear the American Humane Assoc…


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