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Gluten-Free Arugula Pizza Salad

What is Arugula? Arugula, also known as, rocket, roquette, rugula or rucola is one of the greens we usually find in a bag of mixed baby lettuces in the organic produce section of your health food m…


Aphrodisiacs: Fact or Fiction?

Certain foods are just plain sexy to eat--strawberries, oysters, and chocolate come to mind--but do they endow the eater with true sexual desire? "Aphrodisiacs have been used for thousands of years…


Aphrodisiac Perfume Formula

My favorite all-natural perfume maestro, Mandy Aftel, has an entire chapter of her book Essence and Alchemy (Gibbs Smith, 2001) devoted to "Perfume and the Boudoir." I love this book. It details the n…


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