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Searching For Your Inner Wild Woman

Wildlife and the Wild Woman are both endangered species. - Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD She had me with the first freaking sentence. The book is Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories …


The Purpose of Archetypes

Discovering archetypes is a highly personal experience. No one can look at you, even if they know you well, and tell you, “Oh, you are this archetype.” These days, we tend to seek symbolic archety…


Your Mythical Being

When we look for guidance in how to construct our everyday lives, we still need to answer the central question of self: What are my dreams and desires? And that can only be answered by asking, in add…


The Purpose of Archetypes

Discovering archetypes is a highly personal experience. Vedic science, the ancient wisdom tradition of India, says that unless you can get in touch with that embryo of a god or goddess incubating ins…


Visualizing the Cosmos Within

Sit or lie comfortably with your eyes closed. Quiet your internal dialogue by observing your breath. After a few minutes put your attention on your heart. Visualize your heart as a pulsating sphere…


Are You In Touch With Your Archetypes?

Mythical stories, their heroes and heroines within, are called archetypes. Archetypes are perennial themes that reside at the level of the collective, universal soul. These themes are representati…


The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You

The source of reality is inside you. It is your essence. Here Jesus points the way to hidden dimensions, not simply the conventional notion of Heaven. When you go inside, you are aware of activit…


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That's a neat idea! I imagine the cats I have had would NOT use it though...

Kind of interesting.

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will try the long thin glass tip.

I would get one of these in a second because a few of my cats could surely use it, but with my luck,…