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Looking at Cute Kittens Improves Focus

Finally, a concrete reason for us to spend more time looking at adorable pictures of kittens, puppies, and any adorable baby animals: according to a new study, it actually increases your productivity!…


Wise Dog Teaches Human Baby to Fetch (Video)

This dog knows: if he wants to maintain the proper household hierarchy (Dog > Everyone Else), he needs to start teaching this small human how it works early on. Delegating ball-fetching duties …


BPA Baby Bottle Ban: Image Boost for Plastic?

Well it took a bit of time, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has formally announced a ban of BPA (Bisphenol A) in all sippy cups and baby bottles sold in the United States. This comes, not e…


6 Tips for Healthy Sperm

The fact is that many men don't think a lot about their sperm until the baby-making tsunami takes over their lives. And even then, your sperm may not be on the top of your list of baby-making conce…


Baby and Puppy Meet (Video)

Check out this video of a baby and a puppy meeting for the first time. It is love at first sight! Related: Kitten Loves Puppy (Video) Energetic Puppy (Video) Adorable Sleeping Puppy (Video) …


Gentle Cat Helps Soothe Fussy Baby [Video]

All the pet-lovers out there will love this video. We spend so much time lavishing love and affection on our pets, that sometimes it can be a surprise to see them do the same for us! In this tender…


Unsolicited Advice for New Parents

Recently, I ran into a pair of old friends that had just entered that supremely disorienting state of parenthood, with their newborn in tow. Now, I feel for new parents, not because the first few week…


Baby Learns to Play Ball from Dog (Video)

  Aww! Who better to teach baby Katie how to play ball than the family dog?! Related: Baby, Bubbles, and Dog (Video) Super Persistent Dog (Video) Dog Kisses Baby Monkey (Video)…


How To Get Pregnant

It might seem like a simple question - how can you get pregnant?  But apparently, 24 million people search "how can I get pregnant" on Google every month. So as an OB/GYN and mother, I want to help. …


Green Diapers: Cloth, Reuables With Inserts, Or Disposables

Even though I don't have a baby, diapers are on my radar. This is due in part to a lack of litter education in rural (which is most of) Costa Rica (where I lived for the better part of a decade), a…


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Nice red panda, nice pumpkin, thank you for the video.

So Mum knew best after all. Home cooking with plenty of vegetables. Gives "Eat your greens" a whole …

most of the time i sleep just more tired than is normal for energy output, so far, so good…

noted, thank you for sharing