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Get Rid of Maggots and Flies in Your Trash

The unpleasant odor of a can full of trash is something most of us simply tolerate. But if you’ve ever had the misfortune of opening up your outdoor trash can and discovering little crawling white mag…


Packing Away Winter Without Hazardous Mothballs

Sunnier, longer days beckon us to enjoy more time outside, and to do the clothing switchover. Bye-bye corduroys, hello linen. As you pack away your down comforters, favorite sweaters or other items…


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Lol... I'm so glad that I'm a cat person! They don't eat their poop.

I only eat bacon about 10 or so times a year! But right now, I love, love, love a BLT with fresh …

Thank You for continuing to keep people up with what Round Up Can and Is Doing To Our Health, The He…

Some people may not be willing to try Plan B because they have become so set on Plan A. This was the…