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Scary Beauty Product Ingredients – Book Giveaway!

Trying to decipher an ingredients list or figure out which personal care products are safe can be overwhelming. But as the author of Healthy Beauty points out, "conventional cosmetics and personal-car…


“The Toxic 12″ Beauty Ingredients

Beauty queen-turned-activist Susan Jeske wants you to know the ugly truth about what your beauty routine is doing to your health. Breast cancer, heart disease, heart disease, birth defects, memory …


3 Steps to Ageless Skin

Ageless skin? As if. Skin ages, that's just the way it is--and quite frankly, there's not a thing wrong with older skin. That said, I'd be kidding myself if I didn't admit to paying a bit of attention…


Beware of These Beauty Ingredients

If you're reading this, your bathroom is probably already stocked with products labeled natural and organic. But don't assume that tells you the whole story. Unlike food, beauty products don't need to…


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