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Death by Coca-Cola

A New Zealand woman, Natasha Harris, recently died due to excessive Coca-Cola consumption (at least in part).  The New Zealand coroner ruled that the woman's death was partially attributed to the 10 l…


Mad Science: Bird Flu Experiment Insane

Remember the whole bird flu scare of a year or two ago?  We dodged that bullet, so what are scientists doing now?  You guessed it:  creating a new strain of the avian flu virus that can jump from spec…


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My kitties love to be told how wise and beautiful they are.

Incredible! Thanks for sharing :)

Meatless Mondays---oh the horror!!! Seriously though, I think it's a great idea.

Pam W."Domesticated cats are NOT ''natural predators'' and they have nothing to add to an ecosystem,…

In our climate, which has snow, winds, etc. I wouldn't leave hairline cracks in it, because those wi…