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New Tree-Growing Device Inspired By Bird Poop

A company out of Holland recently used bird poop as the inspiration for a new device designed to grow trees in eroded, arid and rocky environments. Some of the most efficient and successful technol…


Biomimicry: Designed By Nature

"We do not seek to imitate nature, but rather to find the principles she sees." ~ Buckminster Fuller Here are some questions biomimicry can answer: How would nature get water to the desert? How w…


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No green thumb here either. Wish I had one but alas, no.

I have many citrus in my garden and a lot of butterflies grow up there. Thanks for sharing.

I can vouch for poodles, at least the standard. He's dumb as a rock, but he and Sophie, my daughter…

Sorry, no "green thumb " here !! lol !!!!

I like to add tofu parmesan to my pop corn - a little at a time. That is I sprinkle it over the bow…