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Tell Harvard to Get Out of Fossil Fuel Investments

Students, professors and alumni at Harvard University are pressuring their institution to stop investing in companies that contribute directly to climate change and to divest from any coal, oil, or na…


10 Ways to Reduce Energy & Save Money in the Kitchen

My favorite place in my house is my kitchen, and it's also home to some of the most energy-sucking appliances I own ó the refrigerator and the stove. Add the high-speed blenders for smoothies, a food …


10 Ways to Spend Earth Hour That Can Actually Make a Difference

In 2007, Earth Hour launched in Australia as a "lights-off" event to raise awareness about climate change. Today, the event is observed in 162 countries on the last Thursday in March from 8:30 - 9:30 …


How Climate Change Makes Our Food Less Safe (and less abundant)

An EU study looked at how climate change is impacting our food safety now and projected what global warming could mean for the future of food safety. How will climate change affect the future of our f…


Can We End Our Fossil Fuel Addiction by 2050?

If you feel any sense of guilt while filling your car with gas or sitting in traffic amongst dozens of other burning cars, you are not alone. No matter how much time we spend willing people and govern…


Climate Change: 20+ Reasons for Hope

Good news about climate change? We all know the bad news when it comes to climate change. Climate change is here. Itís big. Itís bad. Itís hurting us. Itís hurting our economies. What most peopl…


‘Global Chorus’: Hope for Earth’s Future

What do Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Green Diva Lynn Hasselberger have in common? Theyíre all featured in Global Chorus, a beautiful book filled with wise words from 365 leaders (and ďregular…


Should Companies That Burn Fossil Fuels Pay a Dividend to Citizens?

If companies that drill for oil or mine coal had to pay a dividend to people who live in the state or province where the drilling and mining occur, would they drill or mine less? As a result, would ca…


Always Be Prepared: 4 Ways Communities are Prepping for Severe Weather

Hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, flooding. In the face of increasingly severe and erratic storms and droughts, communities are focused on solutions. From mangroves that protect coasts to cutting-ed…


A Grandfather on Climate Change & The Poem That Led to Activism

I became a grandfather for the first time in the summer of 2005. I didnít quite know what to expect. Life doesnít really prepare you for this role. Why, it seems just like yesterday that I was a grand…


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