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What You Can Eat to Fight Climate Change

Unless we reduce man-made emissions, the average temperature of our planet will rise, making both floods and droughts more severe. Many foods will begin to disappear, as farmers abandon variety for la…


9 Ways Climate Change is Making Us Sick

And five ways we can protect ourselves... Yes, climate change is causing hurricanes, droughts and making sea level rise. But it's also making us sick. Illnesses related to a warming planet are on t…


World’s First Shoes Made From Illegal Fishing Nets

The regrettable fact is that most shoes sold in the United States aren't recyclable. Most shoe recycling programs are simply shoe redistribution programs. But there are some shoe manufacturers that be…


A Sixth Mass Extinction Has Begun. Will Your Favorite Wild Animal Die Out?

Thanks to several "overs" - as in overfishing, overdevelopment, overheating (aka, climate change), and overuse of natural resources - the planet is experiencing a "sixth great extinction" of animal sp…


What If Carbon Dioxide Was Pink?

Here’s one dad's desperate attempt to slow climate change by thinking pink… As a father, I often lie awake nights tossing and twisting with worry about the climate crisis and how it will impact the…


May 2015 Was the Hottest in History. Here’s How to Stay Cool Without Adjusting Your AC.

May 2015 was the hottest May in recorded history. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), global land and ocean surface temperatures were almost 2 degrees Fahrenhei…


Most Important Quotes from Pope Francis Statement on Climate Change

Pope Francis has unequivocally proclaimed climate change to be one of the "principal challenges facing humanity." In a letter, or encyclical, the Pope calls on citizens, politicians, business leaders,…


Tell Harvard to Get Out of Fossil Fuel Investments

Students, professors and alumni at Harvard University are pressuring their institution to stop investing in companies that contribute directly to climate change and to divest from any coal, oil, or na…


10 Ways to Reduce Energy & Save Money in the Kitchen

My favorite place in my house is my kitchen, and it's also home to some of the most energy-sucking appliances I own — the refrigerator and the stove. Add the high-speed blenders for smoothies, a food …


10 Ways to Spend Earth Hour That Can Actually Make a Difference

In 2007, Earth Hour launched in Australia as a "lights-off" event to raise awareness about climate change. Today, the event is observed in 162 countries on the last Thursday in March from 8:30 - 9:30 …


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