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11 Things You Really Need to Know About Caffeine

Is caffeine good or bad for your health?† It may come down to who you are and what your health is like. Before you decide if that coffee, tea, or energy drink habit is right for you, consider the foll…


Too Much Coffee? Let’s Check the Research!

Coffee is a controversial little beverage, isn't it? Some folks will tell you that caffeine is poison, and others will say that a little coffee in moderation is a-OK. But what does moderation mean whe…


The Coffee-Slacker Connection

This is one of the funniest and most interesting scientific studies Iíve read in a long time. Researchers from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, wanted to study the effects of s…


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I couldn't see the info graphic but I enjoyed reading the comments. Thank you.

AAAH! It's a jackbooted thug coming to do unspeakable things.! Oh. Never mind. It's the perso…

Eating healthy for our bodies and the world is not so cut and dry. TYFS

I was taking celebrex for a short time, but all i got was the side effects. Glad i am not taking it …

Here in San Diego we would relish a little cool blast of the polar vortex! It is in the 90's with e…