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Diagnosing Constipation

All right, you're constipated. You just can't "go." But how do you know if this calls for a visit to your doctor? Don't worry, our expert will let you know.…

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It is 10:00…Do You Know if Your Kids Are on Facebook?

Just a decade or two ago, a child's social life was largely his/her own business. If you had friends, your peers were well aware (e.g. "Oh, he hangs out with Peter") and if you didn't have friends, we…


How to Take Advantage of Health Care Reform

By the Editors of Men's Health Much of the new health-care reform bill will take effect in stages between now and 2015, but many Americans still don't understand what the changes are, …


Is It Healthy to Raise a Vegetarian Baby? (video)

Are you a vegetarian?  Are you planning to raise your baby as a vegetarian too? Sometimes parents are pummeled with criticism and questions like "Are you sure that’s a good idea?" or "How will the bab…


Breast Cancer: Navigating Treatment

My experience at the Chopra Center has convinced me that combining holistic approaches with effective conventional medical care leads to the best health outcomes with reduced side effects. Cancer chal…

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Breast Cancer: What I Wish I’d Known

My cell phone rang while driving to my son's basketball game; he was in fourth grade and about to play his elementary school's arch rival. I was supposed to watch his game for 30 minutes and then pick…

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Breast Cancer: 12 Ways to Make the Most of Your Doctor Visits

Is there really a "right" way and a "wrong" way to go to the doctor? Of course there is! When we patients--or, as I prefer to call us, "medical consumers"--go to the doctor we must be fully prepared. …

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