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6 Superfoods for Your Dog

Superfoods, which are foods packed with nutrients, arenít just for humans. Your dog can get great benefits from these nutrient powerhouses, including disease prevention, increased energy, and better o…


5 Reasons to Care About Your Dog’s Health

  By PetMD We all know that proper nutrition is a cornerstone of good human health, and hopefully the petMD Nutrition Center is helping owners understand that the same is true for their dog…


Do We Need Farm-to-Dog Food?

If you have ever watched a dog, off-leash, and free to investigate the great outdoors, you know that, besides running and frolicking, most dogs will eat an array of really disgusting stuff off the gro…


4 Dog Food Allergy Myths

Allergies are a common problem for dogs. Typical symptoms include itchiness resulting in excess scratching, biting, or licking, and sometimes chronic or recurrent skin/ear infections. While dogs mos…


The Biggest Health Threat to Our Pets

Pet obesity rates are on the rise, and cats are struggling the most, according to a new survey. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) survey found veterinarians deemed 52.5 percent of dogs…


4 Common Reasons People Don’t Cook for Their Dogs

What's Holding You Back from Home Cooking Meals for Your Dog? Greetings everyone! Lately it seems that dog owners everywhere have a ton of healthy, natural, and organic commercial food options f…


Healthy Nutrition for Picky Dogs

  By Dr. Jennifer Coates, PetMD Some dogs seem to barely eat enough to stay alive. Iíve had a couple of them myself, and despite being perfectly aware that slim dogs live longer than fat …


The Essential Guide to Dog Food

By PetMD These days we often hear reports about dog foods that can harm our pets. In 2007, over one hundred dog food brands -- including some well known brands -- were recalled due to a tainted ing…


The Dog Whisperer’s House Rules (video)

This poor pup has a problem with his behavior at meal time; he gets way too overexcited. Cesar, the Dog Whisperer, comes in to save the day, helping the family see what the problem is and how to s…


Better Dog Nutrition Tips

If you would like to gradually improve your canine companionís diet but are not quite ready to cook a doggie stew every few days, here are a few easy changes to make. ē Water: One of the easiest th…


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Somehow, the thought that we believe the solution to hunger in America is giving poor people food re…