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The Zero Point Field

The use of the word “Akasha” has lingered around the fringes of physics for at least a century. The reason for this is that an ancient and supposedly outmoded belief refuses to die - the belief that …


Affirmations for Emptiness and Loneliness

“I will break through the illusion of emptiness.” This affirmation is about the holes that suffering creates. Know that emptiness is an illusion. No matter how much you have suffered, your soul see…


What Does Enlightenment Feel Like?

In one sense enlightenment is realizing that there is no separate self. The taste of no separate self is totally liberating. But Oneness/enlightenment is not merging. Oneness is when there isn’t anoth…


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We lose our living as well

Wow! 117! My goal is 104, but maybe I should up that. After watching a PBS special with Dr. Christin…

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