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Meet Jock VI: The Newest Ginger Kitten to Fulfill Winston Churchill’s Wish

Winston Churchill had a soft spot for cigars, women and... ginger kittens. On his 88th birthday, one of his secretaries, Jock Colville, gave him a ginger kitten with white paws as a surprise. Churchil…


World Record for Longest Cat Fur Goes to Colonel Meow

The 2014 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records is about to be released and in this newest edition, Colonel Meow of Los Angeles, will be included for having the world's longest feline tresses. …


Cats From the White House

[caption id="attachment_1231355" align="alignleft" width="273" caption="India "Willie" Bush"][/caption] Last week’s spotlight on Presidential pups got a few cat calls from our readers. Th…


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It probably annoys the crap out of the cat... The sound of it sure gets on my nerves, so surely,…

Oh, Naoma, desperate for attention again. WHY do you read dog articles if it makes you so fractious…

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