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Why You Should Care About the Farm Bill (video)

Do you ever wonder why highly processed foods are so profitable for the food industry? The Farm Bill makes their primary ingredients cheaper, and favors industrial producers over small farmers. Fresh …


Moo-nshine: Finding Creative Ways to Buy Raw Milk

The battle over raw milk has been waged for years now. Some attest to the inherent nutritional value, and culinary superiority, of raw milk, while others (namely cautious government officials) claim t…


Top 10 Green Jobs

With the economy tanking and unemployment skyrocketing, where are the green jobs? What is a green job? According to the United Nations Environment Program a green job would be "work in agricultu…


Are Farmers Markets Good For Everyone?

Back in 1976, when the Union Square Greenmarket opened in New York City, the notion of a greenmarket in the center of one of Manhattan’s most blighted public spaces seemed odd, if not foolish. At the …


Helping To Nurture the Next Generation of Farmers

One of the greatest gifts I have gotten from being a farm writer has been the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful farmers. I have developed not only a respect for the work they do, and a grea…


8 Reasons to Support Farmers’ Markets (Video)

Spring farmers markets are sprouting up across the country. In this clip from Nourish, organic farmer Nigel Walker, chef Bryant Terry, author Anna Lappé, and others celebrate the joys of farmers marke…


Get the Most Out of Your Local Farmers’ Market

Every Tuesday, I start the day out the same way: by shopping at my local farmers’ market. The Torrance Certified Farmers’ Market is not only the third largest farmers’ market in Los Angeles County, bu…


Thank A Farmer This Earth Day

As somebody who writes about farming, I find the negative view that many people have of farmers and farming disheartening. Sadly, that view often comes from things that others have written in both the…


Celebrate National Agriculture Day

This week not only brings the start of spring but also National Agriculture Day on March 15. Most people didn’t even know such a day existed and haven’t heard anything about it! The day was created…


Why Saving Farmland Is So Important

As a farm writer, when I write about our farmers and how the loss of farmland affects them, people often ask me, "What's so important about saving farmland?" Of course there is the obvious reason; …


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The bigger the better, except when on back yard detail

Good article! I love all the "snooze foods". And I really don't care for any of the foods that keep…

Thanks for this information:)

Its disgusting to know what the animals are being forced feed on each other in the food that they ea…

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on Mad Fish Disease
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After many years and many different dogs,all but one abandoned by their families,we are again in tha…