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Fulfill Your Intentions

When you learn to quiet the mind and purify all of its long-held conflicts, the simple reality of how the universe works – the what is – will unfold. Take a little time every day to notice the cont…


All Possibilities: Choice Of Natural Laws

It is hard to deny that our reality remains stubbornly intact because our logic is stubbornly rational, geared solely to the events of the waking state. A dreamer can fly because defying gravity in a…


What is Purity?

“Pure” means without form and can be equated with the motionless silence being contacted in meditation. Existing without form in the field, pure awareness starts to vibrate and in so doing turns itse…


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Interesting...I don't drink coffee only tea, but if I ever decide to brew a pot of coffee I'll keep …

I'm so sickened by trophy hunts and canned hunts. Vile cowards that are sorry excuses for human bein…

I'm still confused. There's like no history or anything. All this article tells me is 3 things: a) a…

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