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Why Being ‘Busy’ Is Overrated

By Debra Smouse for Though it's been a long time since I was a Girl Scout, I remember a thing or two about earning badges. I don't believe there's a badge for "busy," and yet it's a …


Wisdom From Sanjay Patel

Didn't win the $640 million mega lottery? Don't be sad. Do you know a person who cares for you? If so, you are receiving the one thing in the universe that money cannot buy: Love! So cultivate a ba…


Give Me Money or Give Me Time

Which would you rather have, time or money? It seems like such an easy question, but time and money are the elusive struggle for so many. Both hold value, and both get spent. But, of course time can h…


Chic Creativity

Creativity is critical for your soul's survival. Here are three essential tips to help you in your creative efforts. 1. Have a Ritual When I sit down to indulge in a creative endeavor, I often lig…


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I have so many reusable bags from my sister sending gifts! I just love the and when I am out shoppi…

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