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Scientists Look to Baby Eagles to Determine How Contaminated Our Environment Is

Scientists in Wisconsin have hit on a new way to determine how exposed we humans are to toxic chemicals in the environment: They're asking baby eagles. Well, "asking" may put too nice a spin on it.…


How Toxic is Your Furniture?

You buy organic food, you use non-toxic cleaning products, you have soft organic cotton sheets, you used amazing vegan and non-toxic paint, you even have houseplants to help clean the air in your home…


Toxins in Couches: Do We Need Them?

We all heard the horror stories: babies and young children trapped in horrible fires, burned to death on furniture that acted like a tinderbox, thanks to the fact that it was filled with flamma…


80% of Baby Products Contain Flame Retardants

Researchers from several universities found flame retardants in about 80% of baby products they tested. One hundred and one polyurethane foam samples were examined in their study. The foam came from t…


Dogs and Cats Contain Flame Retardants

No, your pet dog is not likely ever to catch on fire, so what are flame retardants doing in domestic canines? Indiana University researchers found manmade flame retardants in the blood of pet dogs at …


Flame Retardants in Your Food

A recent study showed that common foods like rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, sausage, butter, cheese, and milk are sources of toxic flame retardants, known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs),…


Last-Minute, Safe Gift Ideas

In my last blog I wrote about a report from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group called "Trouble in Toyland." It was their 23rd annual report recommending what toys not to buy for Christmas. It w…


Reducing Exposure to Suspicious Products Now

You might think two people addressing the same problem, looking at the same data would draw the same conclusions, but life just isnít that easy. Special interests often have too much at stake. Tak…


Hazardous Flame Retardants in Furniture

The company I work for eliminated Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (or PBDEs) from the electronic products we sell because of an environmental law passed in Europe banning these substances. The company…


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I hope they didn't leave that little guy behind.

I hate to say it - I'm certainly no fan of Monsanto - but the key word in this report is MAY. The re…