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One Father’s Struggle With Body Image

I was in the bathroom one morning a number of years ago getting ready for my day. As I was shaving and taking care of my morning routine, my inner critic was actively and negatively commenting about a…


How To Forgive Yourself

My eyes were opened recently to many of the ways in which I create my own suffering, including how I’ve created this separation story that left me feeling lonely and disconnected for much of my life. …


Learning to Forgive

The emphasis here is on the word learning. The reason that people cannot forgive is that their anger has worn a deep groove in the mind, and like water seeking a downward slope, their minds find this …


An Open Letter To Mean People Everywhere

You know who you are. You’re the kids who bullied that poor bus driver until she cried. You’re the ones who tortured and killed Matthew Shepard because he was gay. You’re the cliques in high school wh…


If You Can’t Forgive, You Can’t Dance

We were teaching a forgiveness workshop when John, one of the participants, told us that his brother had continually abused and even molested him as a child. He said quite emphatically that he would n…


When You Veer Off Course

I was recently at the home of my mentor Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, along with a group of beloved physicians committed to finding meaning in medicine, and we were talking about living with your mistakes. …


How Many Apples Did You Eat Today?

I was walking around Golden Gate Park recently, chatting with my spiritual running buddy Tricia Barrett, when Tricia piped up, “So how many apples have you eaten today.” I had only eaten a bowl of …


12 Tips For How To Be Spiritual

I was noodling around on the Google keyword tool with a business coaching client the other day, and I discovered that 2,740,000 people per month Google search “How to be spiritual,” which kinda blew m…


The Healing Power of Forgiveness

I was recently reminded that forgiveness is key to being healthy and emotionally free. Things happen all the time that beckon the need to forgive, and once you realize that it's cleansing for your min…


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I have chosen to adopt a quiet, laid back Greyhound ex-racer and we are a great match: both middle a…

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