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Energetic Foster Puppies’ Playtime (Video)

Ah, the life of a foster puppy... so much important playing and exploring to be done! Even if you're not a dog lover, this video is guaranteed to make you smile. It even has a happy ending: aft…


San Francisco Plan Pairs Puppies With Homeless

A new pilot program underway in San Francisco provides a small weekly stipend to the city's homeless for serving as foster parents for unwanted puppies until the dogs can be adopted. Photo Credit: Bev…


The Cutest, Loudest Kittens Ever (Video)

When this video was filmed, these seven-week-old foster kittens were just getting their appetite back after a bout of cat flu... but man, is that appetite back with a vengeance! Listen to their no…


Fostering Dogs 101

By Cris Carl, Networx If you want to have some canine energy in your life, but canít or donít want to permanently adopt a dog, you might consider fostering a dog. The energy and unconditional lov…


The Day I Saved 32 Kittens

Fostering a homeless mama cat and her kittens has become an annual spring ritual for our family. Really, it is a life-enriching situation for everyone.† My daughters (okay, and me too) get th…


The Joy of Fostering Kittens

My daughters love cats. They love kittens even more. For years they begged me and their daddy to get a kitten --† "an itty bitty, barely-with-its-eyes-open kitten," they would squeal. The girl…


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Nice to see you again Scott S.

Ugh, I dread working on my dog's mouth. She is a pain in the tookush!

You are right, this is very hard to watch. Our local zoo kept these majestic beings in concrete box…

Listen to Pharell Williams song "Happy" and it will play through your mind the rest of the day and n…

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