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The Surprising Reason Chocolate is SO Darn Healthy

Chocolate is something of a miracle food -- it can ease depression, boost circulation, lower blood pressure, and even help you lose weight. In a strange correlation, it could even make you more likely…


Antibiotics — Making Us Fatter?

Our gut bacteria are gaining more and more press nowadays -- assisting our immune functions, taking hand in nutrient absorption, and even warding off cancer. But, most recently, our imbalanced microbi…


Eat Your Saturated Fat

Here’s the gist: saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease OR make you fat. That's right. What's even more mind-blowing? -- The fat in your bacon might actually be making you healthier. Holy cow! …


Celebrate the Possibility of Success (Video)

Dear One, Have you ever noticed how easy it is to tamper your celebration of potential good news? To NOT revel in the possibility of good things coming your way? To cut off yourself from doing a …


Can Things Ever Be ‘Too Good to Be True’?

Some fifteen years ago, when I was deep in the study of Native American spirituality, I traveled to the Black Hills of South Dakota to attend a powwow. As I was just about to fall asleep the night bef…


Good And Bad Choices?

Sit down for a few minutes and reassess some of the important choices you've made over the years. Take a piece of paper and make two columns labeled "Good Choice" and "Bad Choice." Under each colu…


What Is Human Nature?

I had a fascinating conversation recently about human nature. I tend to view people as essentially good, while others would say that humans are naturally self-interested and express compassion and res…


Healing Duality

There are two paths in life. The first path is the acceptance that duality is real, that the good and evil we confront every day are simply fact, and we must do our best to struggle against them. The …


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