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The Right (and Wrong) Way to Clean Ear Wax

Teeth need half-yearly cleaning and eyes require regular check-ups, but our ears are largely self-cleaning. Wax does build up, but it falls out of the ear canal on its own when we chew food or make ot…


Recognizing & Preventing Noise Pollution’s Daunting Health Impacts

Electronics beep and buzz, music blares, traffic zooms. Everyday noise is more than just irritating ó it can have a nasty impact on our health. Here's what you can do to quiet the clamor. Noi…


The Buzz Behind Tinnitus

By Allison Ford, DivineCaroline Whatís that sound? If youíve ever been driven to the brink of insanity by the presence of a noise that only you can hear, then rest easy, because itís not all in y…


Tap into Your Inner Pharmacy

We experience the world through our five senses. The sounds, sights, tastes, smells, and sensations that we ingest through our mind become how we define who we are. As food creates bodily tissues, sen…

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