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5 Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

It has been an extra sickly flu season for a lot of the folks in my life, and I bet that a lot of you are battling the wintertime ick, as well. With more cold weather on the way in a lot of the northe…


6 Alternative Treatments for Anxiety

When seeking anxiety treatment or depression treatment, many look to alternative therapies. Some people may try herbal supplements, like St. John's wort, chamomile, or valerian. Others prefer acupunct…


Hormone Therapy Alternatives

So hormone therapy feels risky to you, but you're still dealing with hot flashes! What are some other treatments you might consider? Skip to 1:15 to find out about all-natural alternatives.…


Natural Allergy Relief

Allergy medications are very effective, but that doesn't mean that some alternative remedies can't provide relief too. Watch this to learn about a few.…


4 Herbs to Help Menopause

Spirituality is all well and good, but as soon as physical symptoms come into play, “enlightenment” often seems just a tad less important. Here are four natural herbs that can help make day-to-day lif…


How To Use And Grow Marjoram

Many of us who spend time in the kitchen or enjoy dabbling in herbal remedies or aromatherapy dream of growing their own herbs. Growing fresh herbs in your home or garden is an extremely enjoyable, re…


Does Eleuthero Belong in Your Cold Remedy Kit?

Here are some common names by which eleuthero has been known historically: Ci Wu Jia, Devil’s Shrub, Eleutherococcus, Siberian Ginseng, Touch-Me-Not Its botanical names include: acanthopanax…


Herbal Remedies for Your Pet

Is your pet anxious? Does he have a cough or experience travel sickness? There are a number of natural remedies available to help with your pet's health problems. Here's a selection to start with: …


The Benefits of Bitter Herbs

Bitter herbs are one of herbal medicine’s great contributions to human health. Quite simply, this category contains herbs that have a bitter taste, ranging from mildly bitter yarrow to fiercely bitter…


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None of these 5 points are surprising to me, but thanks for the article.

Dean W.----Why do you read the articles if you think they are nonsence!? The way to health is throug…

I hope they actually got their meds.

Wow! That's true about how negative SEEMS more important than happiness.