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What is a Fake Allergy?

Just because you're experiencing a rash or shortness of breath, it doesn't mean you're having an allergic reaction. Chances are it's a fake allergy. Watch this to find out what they are and how to spo…


Are Your Allergies Making You Fat?

By Emily Main,  Allergy season is upon us, and the record pollen levels we're experiencing this year may have you heading to the allergy relief aisle at your local drugstore. But wha…


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Yes, eating disorders can control you and, mixed with severe anxieties, lead to life dysfunctional s…

Excellent article. Never tried miso, but I guess I will have to now :-).

Veerle D. Veerle D.
on The Magic of Miso
2 minutes ago

A wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing.

All good tips and information. Thanks.