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How Serious Is Your Clutter Problem? Quiz

Some of us collect things, some of us clutter, and a few of us may hoard. Cluttering is self-diagnosed, but more extreme forms of cluttering can sometimes be tied to to diagnosable conditions such as …


Can You Have Too Many Cats?

By Dr. Justine Lee, PetMD Do I really need to answer this question? (And yes, I realize this blog will piss off people who own more than 6 cats!) Unfortunately, I do. Years ago, I had two wom…


8 Habits of Organized People

By DivineCaroline Being truly organized extends far beyond keeping a tidy workspace or home. Itís about keeping your life in order, from your schedule to your chores to your thoughts and beyond. …


How Cluttered is Your Home?

1. When it comes to spending time in your home, you ... a) Use all of the rooms. Aside from the occasional mess, your house is comfortable, and you enjoy being there. b) Use most of the rooms …


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Have no pets never did. Dogs stink (literally) and I want none in my house. No one I know owns one…

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Potatoes give a good yield for the work. You can even use old tires, take one, fill it with soil, p…