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9 Novel Ways to Reuse a Novel (or Any Other Book)

If youre the type of person who could never imagine taking apart a book removing its pages, cutting off its cover, etc. then please stop reading now. This article is not for you. And I totally …


Get Your Fill With These Holiday Recipes

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the food I'm sure many of you agree with me. How can I say no to bowl upon heaping bowl of all my favorite goodies, both salty and sweet? (Answer: I c…


18 Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for Best Friends

Whether your best friend is your sibling, the girl next door or, ahem, your dog, chances are you're hunting down the perfect holiday gift. If they haven't asked for something specific (or if you're ju…


Simplify the Holidays: 12 Days, 12 Ways

We should all be prepared by now, but it seems every year the holidays can catch us off guard with endless piles of stuff. Im not referring to the welcome stuff, either, such as gingersnaps, pine-sce…


25 Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

Once Thanksgiving rolls around, I try to stay as far away as possible from any mall or shopping center. There's nothing that kills holiday joy like traffic, crowds, greed and consumerism at its peak. …


Make a Unique, Hand-Crafted Wooden Spoon

Did you ever have a pocketknife when you were kid? Did you sometimes pick up twigs and whittle them down, just for fun? You can bring that childhood pastime back in a wonderful, practical way by learn…


Give Gifts Without Spending A Penny

Im not a shopper. Its just not my thing. So when I heard that Black Friday sales were starting at midnight the night of Thanksgiving this year, I wanted to puke. Like puh-lease retailers. Can I at l…


5 Simple Gifts From The Garden

If you are a gardener, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season -- the traffic, the crowds, and the department stores -- wears you down, you can venture into your garden to soothe your…


Got An Old Coat? Turn It Into 5 Great Gifts!

Ah, the winter holidays. Even before your Thanksgiving turkey (or Tofurkey) has fully digested, retail stores have already sprung into full-on holiday mode. Garland arches over every aisle. Sleigh bel…


Don’t Waste Wilted Herbs–Make Sachets!

It happens all the time. For those of us who don't have kitchen herb gardens, we get our herbs at the store, and that often means having to buy more than we need. But don't fret the wilted stuff. Ther…


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Daily Cute: Turtle Chase

Daily Cute: Turtle Chase

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