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Filly Born in Chicago High School Barn

Farming and raising horses isn't something people often associate with Chicago. When two race horses named Vega and Calling Card took up residence at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences,…


Willie Nelson Adopts Abused Horses

Musician and horse lover Willie Nelson is adopting two abused horses from Berkeley County, South Carolina. One of the horses was severely malnourished and had rain rot.  Rain rot is is a fungal infect…


Piper Meets Mango (Video)

It looks like Piper the mini horse has found a playmate. It's great how two different species of animals can establish a good friendship. Related: Miniature Horse Plays Ball (Video) World's S…


Horse & Dog Play Tag (Video)

Check out these two adorable animals playing tag together. This shows how two different species of animals can be such great friends. Related: Horse/Dog Love (Video) Bulldog/Horse Love (Video…


Is Horsemeat Just Too Much to Stomach For Most Americans

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. -Mahatma Ghandi About 20 years ago, on an extended trip through Vietnam, I stumbled upon a vista…


White House Ok’s Killing Horses For Human Consumption

In 2006, Congress eliminated funding for the inspection of horse slaughtering facilities. Without a government inspection process, these slaughterhouses could on longer bring their product to market, …


Horse/Dog Love (Video)

  A two-year-old waterdog named Lucy and a 4-year-old horse named Whiskey Brown share a very special bond; they always play together in the pasture. Watch Lucy and Whiskey Brown's daily playti…


Bulldog/Horse Love (Video)

  In New York, JJ the police horse shows some love towards this English bulldog named Potato by giving him some kisses! Related: Unrequited Puppy/Cat Love (video) Kitten Snuggles with…


Jaycee Dugard Using Horse Therapy

Jaycee Dugard, the young woman who was abducted as a small girl and held captive for many years is using equine therapy to heal emotionally. She was only 11 when the abduction took place and was held …


Horse Lawsuit Proves They are Native Species?

A case currently being reviewed by the 9th circuit court in San Francisco could have a significant impact on how the BLM treats horses in the future. The BLM's traditional view is also one many people…


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