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How Halloween Can Fight Hunger

In another week or so, neighborhoods across America will be flooded with 41 million trick-or-treaters between ages 5 and 14, according to the US Census Bureau. Costumed children will joyously fill the…


1 in 6 Americans Go To Bed Hungry

Imagine opening your refrigerator and finding it empty.  Imagine opening your kitchen cabinets and having no food.  Sadly, that's the reality for 50 million United States citizens; they don't know…


Accepting The Big Call

"I want to end sexual abuse in America." Two years ago, Oprah interviewed Stacey Anne Lannert (, whose story is both incredibly tragic and deeply inspiring. Oprah asked w…


Your Garden Can Fight Hunger

April is National Garden Month. Not surprisingly, it coincides with the busy days of spring planting and summer garden planning. As you are getting your garden ready and deciding which fruits and v…


Hungry Minds: How Visualization Can Move You Through Food Cravings

Have you eaten? No? Good, then consider this… Imagine your favorite food, or dish. Think of it prepared to the pinnacle of its possible perfection, plated and served in the most alluring and appeti…


Living with Hunger

Hunger also changes the world – when eating can’t be a habit, than neither can seeing. -Maxine Hong Kingston As part of the observance of Yom Kippur, we fast. Bearing witness to hunger today and of…


5 Kids Who are Changing the World

It's easy sometimes to get a little bit gloom and doom. Whether we're reading about BPA in cash register receipts or toxins in our dryer sheets, we can get overwhelmed with what's wrong about our…


Ways You Can Waste Less Food & Water (3 videos)

There is a lot of waste of food and water in the world. In New York City alone 270,000 pounds of food are wasted each day. This first video cleverly gives you an idea of what this means. The…


Why Am I Always Hungry?

This is a complaint I hear fairly frequently, especially when people are on a detox or a particular diet. (Although this is not usually a complaint I hear once people are on the Spent program and star…


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Some "no stir" almond butters also contain palm oil. I got fooled by this a couple of times. I wi…