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Spiritual Mood Swings

What feels like backsliding in the middle of the journey is actually a return to parts of yourself that need spiritual attention. The soul is constant; only your perception changes. You see yourse…


You Are In Two Places at Once

Because we are both physical and quantum, human beings live multidimensional lives. At this moment you are in two places at once. One is the visible, sensual world, where your body is subject to al…


7 Comfort Foods from Around the World

  When I was in college, I spent three months studying in Buenos Aires. The food was amazing -- the fruits bursting with flavor, the freshly made pastas, the endless variety of alfajores.. I w…


The Universal “I”

For every intention, we might well ask, How would this serve me and how would it serve everybody I come into contact with? And if the answer is that it will create true joy and fulfillment in me an…


There is Only One “I”

Every organism could be thinking Its my intent! Each and every one believes it is their personal local I that is doing something, but in the larger scheme, all these different local minds are ac…


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Stevia is a herb. I don't know many rats that eat green herbs. Stevia is also extremely sweet. Lo…

Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad she's feeling well enough to postpone the date. And I'm glad that she has the means at …

So cute - thank you for sharing.

Thank you, interesting thought. Plants do seem to adapt and evolve to survive.