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You Are the Light of the World

Through second attention, you can perceive yourself as awareness itself, not as one of its products and creations. There are many ways to catch such glimpses: Meditating to reach inner silence; sensi…


Fanaticism or Freedom?

One of the greatest tricks of the mind that keeps us in suffering is the need to be right. It's the cause of so much conflict in the world, because when we are attached to being right, we put our poin…


The Spirituality of Dogs

I admit it. I'm hopelessly in love. The first time I laid eyes on her in a pet shop in Chile, Elizabeth, my bulldog puppy, stole my heart. She looked forlorn and desperately bored; the poor thing had …


Can’t Buy Me Love

Have you ever really wanted something in your life? Something you put all your heart into achieving? What happened when you finally achieved it? Was there a rush of adrenaline? A feeling of triumph? O…


Why Would I Want Enlightenment?

We tend to perceive enlightenment as something beyond our human capacity. We believe that enlightenment is for "special" people like Buddha and Jesus. But what if Buddha and Jesus were demonstrating a…


Letting Go Of Attachment

Detachment is essential on the path to inner fulfillment, but it has often been confused with abandonment. The general opinion is that we must renounce the things that give us worldly pleasure in orde…


Unity within Diversity

In this world of duality, we all feel different from one another. We meet thousands of people, from many races, with varying physical conditions, of different ages, contrasting religions, and opposing…


Going With The Flow

I was flying my hawk yesterday. Watching her swoop down in the evening half-light is like a dream. Sat is a Harris Hawk, majestic and strong. After lovingly raising and training her, she knows to c…


In Times of Crisis, Return to Innocence

Have you ever watched children building sandcastles on the beach? They are a delight to watch, totally absorbed in what they are doing. They run around filling their buckets and make their castle high…


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I have been eating 6 - 8 prunes every day for the last 2 years, and have increased my bone density r…

Every time I go on diets (and by that I don't mean just weight loss diets, which I gave up 20 years …

the darker the better.

great bit of info, many thanks for sharing this.!