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Mother Cat Adopts Baby Hedgehogs (Video)

After their mother died, these baby hedgehogs were left alone... but luckily for them, Sonya the cat was willing to save them! Watch as Sonya nurses the wee hedgehogs, while also cuddling with her…


Abandoned Puppy & Orphaned Kitten: Best Friends (Photos)

At Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in Old Windsor, UK, two lonely baby animals have adopted each other. They have become such close friends that they treat each other like sisters. The kitten, named…


Cat and Dog’s Cuddly Naptime (Video)

Just another lazy, cozy Saturday afternoon with Myrtle and Stewart! According to their owner, they cuddle like this almost every day.     Related: Cat Gives Dog 53 Love Taps (…


Dog Bottle-Feeds Orphaned Lambs (Photos)

Jess is a springer spaniel who lives on a 180-acre farm with 270 sheep. Three times a day, Jess makes a milk round, carrying a bottle in her mouth to give tasty meals to lambs whose mothers are unabl…


Bulldog Adopts Wild Baby Boars (Cute Video)

These six adorable wild boar piglets were found abandoned in a forest outside Berlin. After being taken in by Germany's Lehnitz Animal Sanctuary, they were adopted by an unlikely new mother... a b…


Cat Gives Dog 53 Love Taps (Video)

Jasper the cat needs to make sure that Sponge the dog knows who's the boss in this household. Sponge is just glad to have a playmate!     Related: 8 Adorable Dog & Cat …


Cat and Deer, the Best of Friends (Slideshow)

This unlikely pair lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where they play together every morning. If you ever wanted evidence that the bonds of friendship can transcend even the most extreme differences, …


We Can All Be Friends (video)

We’ve shown you many True Love videos showing friendship between animals of different species. This is a wonderful slideshow with great pictures of all kinds of animal combinations, set to the music o…


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