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How Do Liberal & Conservative Eating Habits Differ?

As Americans we have the freedom to identify ourselves in a number of ways, and one of our deepest set identifiers tends to be political affiliation. Self-identified liberals and conservatives (rather…


The Politics of Parenthood: Mom and Dad Don’t See Eye to Eye

Over the last few election seasons, we have been treated/subjected to the shallow labeling and pigeonholing that comes with terms like "soccer moms," "security moms," and "NASCAR dads." There are assu…


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Thanks Miki w., for mentioning it is better absorbed with black pepper. I make a type of chai for m…

Oh well..a bit of fat is still better than being anorexic with clothing size Auschwitz.

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I wonder who these people in the video are: is it a sanctuary or is it just a farm that exploits its…