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HBP and Lifestyle Precautions

Certain lifestyle precautions come along with a diagnosis of hypertension, even if you're successfully managing it with medications.…

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How to Give Your Household a Green Makeover

By Sayward Rebhal,†Networx Making a major lifestyle shift can often seem daunting, and sometimes the simple act of†getting started is enough to stop you in your tracks. That initial hurdle can be s…


Would You Believe it was Made from Spider Silk?

The world's largest pieces of fabric made from spiders' silk have gone on show in the UK. Lifestyle News by NewsLook var nl_rand = "CmwPdeemmmg1liqb", NewsLook = NewsLook || {}; NewsLook.emb…


How Much Energy Do You Use In An Hour?

You're busy. Dashing here and there, taking care of errands, attending business meetings, and socializing with friends. Most people have stressful schedules in which every minute is a precious resourc…


How To Live Like You’re On Vacation – Everyday

By Lauren Nagel Ah, this month is a doozy isnít it? Donít get me wrong Ė I love my job, but thereís something about these first weeks in January that kills. Itís like yesterday was all a-flutter …


Rejuvenate Your Body

Welcome to my new weekly column for Care2. Given all the information you are deluged with about health and nutrition--from books, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet--you may wonder why this colum…


The Spirit of Green Living

Understanding your own personal interconnectedness with the planet is one of the wonderful moments in life. You truly see that we are all one and that there is no separation from the harm done to the …

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