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What to Eat to Help You Sleep

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now considers our lack of sleep a "public health epidemic."Ě Currently, Americans spend more than $84 million on over-the-counter sleep aids each y…


How to Decode Your Seed Catalog

The seed catalogs that have probably filled your mailbox over the past few months are awfully tempting with their gorgeous pictures and fancy new varieties, but with so many terms (organic, hybrid, op…


The Secret Epidemic of Hypothyroidism

Most of us don't ever think about our thyroid. This gland is located in the neck and produces hormones that regulate energy metabolism, control protein synthesis, and adjust the body's sensitivity to …


Why I Can’t Live Without Coffee

Whenever I give a speech and talk about local versus organic, I joke about how, being from Pennsylvania, I am totally against local when it comes to my coffee. Hereís the truth: IíM NOT JOKING! Doní…


Why I Love My Gynecologist

Itís an awkward topic, I know. But I am so filled with love for her that I just have to share my thoughts. To me, she represents the ideal of what a doctor can be, and thatís pretty important. Especia…


10 More Tips for Living in Balance

Clearly, the art of living in balance is not a simple thing, or else it wouldnít take me two blog posts and 20 tips to share. Itís kind of like a buffet or store, where different tastes make for d…


Can Chemicals Be Washed Off Your Produce?

I often get asked if you need to buy those produce washes to clean off your fruits and veggies, especially if they are not organic. My gut instinct has told me two things: One, a little bit of soap an…


Eat Organic on a Budget? It Can Be Done!

Letís start with full disclosure: I am not by nature a frugal shopper, nor a shopper on a budget. In fact, Iíve been known to make salespeople gawk at me when my bill gets tallied (like when I dri…


Overcoming Cooking Fears (with Extreme Simplicity)

I donít fear much anymore about food. But I remember all the different phases of fear Iíve been through during my lifetime of gardening, entertaining, feeding a family, and just plain cooking. …


Gardening: A Harvest of Healing

Why do we do itógardenówhen it makes us sweaty, sore, and often cranky? By the end of the harvest season, our faces are red from cooking tomatoes and putting up food either into the pantry or the …


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