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Do You Have Too Much Junk in Your Home?

In this very instant, right where you are, you have everything you need to create the life of your dreams. In fact... You Have Too Much. We live in the most abundant times in human history. We'r…


Simple Living Inspiration

Do you desire a simpler life? One with fewer distractions, less stress, and more hands-on, fulfilling activities? These bits of wisdom from Ethan Hughes may inspire you to move your life in a new dire…


Seeing Through the Lens of Materialism

The lens of materialism gives us the least accurate view of the world, because through it we see consciousness as merely an accidental by-product of brain chemistry, and the powers of the mind as a my…


Is Life’s Mystery in Money?

The basic problem with money seems obvious: It pulls the mind toward worldly things, it fills up one's hours with business and commerce, it distorts the true values of spirit by replacing them with pl…


What You Seek, You Already Are

Seeking is a word often applied to the spiritual path, and many people are proud to call themselves seekers. Often, they are the same people who once chased too hard after money, sex, alcohol, or wor…


Do You Have an Emotional Bond with Brand Names?

Consumers are forming strong emotional bonds with brands to the point of suffering separation anxiety if they cannot purchase those brands. A study from the USC Marshall School of Business indi…


The Schism Between Idealism and Materialism

Religion had such a powerful hold upon the human imagination that for whole cultures – the ancient Egyptians and medieval Christians come to mind – the material world was much less real than the world…


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I eat pretty much anything that is not processed or a carb for breakfast. Carbs make me sleepy which…

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I've seen Mumchkin before, he's Dorables:)

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The Evidence-Based Medicine or Evidence-Biased video is very interesting as well. This evidence bias…