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9 Lifestyle Tricks to Avoid Insomnia

Sometimes, you just canít fall asleep. It may be stress, caffeine, alcohol, foods ó who knows? If insomnia happens to you on a semi-regular basis, try these tricks to encourage sweet slumber upon your…


6 Habits That Help Balance Blood Sugar

With so many Americans suffering from obesity and diabetes, it is becoming more important than ever to be aware of your foodís effect on your blood sugar levels. Having high or low blood sugar can lea…


Serving Size vs Portion Size (video)

Curious as to what the difference between serving size and portion size is? Watch this for a quick tip on differentiating between the two! Related Link: What's Your Serving Size IQ? (Quiz)…


Eat Less, More Often

For as long as I could remember the conventional advice around mealtimes was to eat three square meals a day, and avoid snacking. The square meals were presumably made up of portions of protein, starc…


Indian Simmer Sauces

Easy, quick meal preparation is absolutely essential for most of us. Thankfully, quick food doesnít equal fast food. There is an abundance of recipes available that provide us with healthy and delic…


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All so very delicious

A nonsense article. People from failed marriages, or those yet to find the Right One, need some str…

Very interesting indeed! Thank you

I guess it also depends on the environment a single person lives in. Where I live, single people (ma…